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The most important moment in a Christian's life is the moment of meeting God. This happened to us in the late 90s, while studying at the Belarusian Academy of Arts in Minsk. I studied at the department of monumental and decorative art, Katya in graphics. For us, as for artists, it was very important and the only thing at that moment that the image in the visible features of the image of the Living God became significant. Therefore, immediately after graduation, we took up icon painting. An icon-painting workshop was being created at the St Elisabeth Monastery at that time, where we worked for more than ten years.

In addition to the icon, we are engaged in painting on wet or dry plaster and designing a temple interior.

Among our works are murals of several churches in Minsk, Moscow and Sevastopol, iconostases and icons for churches in Minsk, Grodno, Moscow, Germany, France, Switzerland and the USA.

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